Signing Up

1Who can join the CFS Panel USA?
Anyone can join as long as you have access to the Internet and are aged 14+. You must also be resident of the USA with a valid zip code.
2Is it free to join?
Yes, the CFS Panel is free to join. You will never be asked for any money for being a member - in fact it’s the other way round it’s you that will be paid from us for completing our surveys.
3How Do I register
Enter your details on the short form on our registration page. Once you have filled this in you will receive a confirmation email. Click on the activation link in the email to confirm your email. Next login to your account via the login page using your username and password so you can complete your profile.
4How do I enter my zip code on the registration form?
We do not need your entire Zip Code, just the district code which is the first 4 digits.
5Can I create multiple accounts to get more surveys?
No, only one account is allowed per person. Our advanced systems will detect and delete multiple accounts.
6How do I change my email address after registering?
Login to your account, select ‘update profile’ and click on the ‘change email’ link.
7 What do I do if I forget my username and password?
Your username is the email address you signed up with. If you forget your username then use the ‘forgot password’ link on the sign in page.
8Do I need to fill in my profile to take surveys?
No, you will still receive surveys even if you don’t fill in your profile. However these surveys won’t be as relevant to you. By filling in your profile information will allow us to know you better and send you relevant surveys. This will mean that you are much less likely to be screened out. You can update your profile at any time by logging into your account.
9I cannot login to my account
If you are having difficulties logging into your account you can use the ‘alternative login’ link found on the bottom left corner of the login page.

Market Research

1What are online surveys?
Traditionally surveys were conducted face to face which had many limitations. Thanks to the Internet, surveys can now be conducted online anywhere via your PC, Laptop, Tablet or Smartphone. The information collected from online surveys is passed on anonymously to companies and organizations in order to help influence the development of their products or services. In return for your time you are rewarded for each completed survey, so you too can make money from paid surveys!
2What kinds of questions will I be asked?
You could be asked about questions about almost any topic. These topics could include lifestyle, technology, business, movies, music, food, drink, automotive, accessories, social media or leisure. In general though our surveys tend to be quick and fun to do.
3How long will each survey take to complete?
We know your time is important so we try and keep the time it takes to complete each survey to a minimum. Timing does however depend on the type of survey and subject matter. On average though you should be looking at around 5 to 20 minutes.
4Will I take part in any other market research?
From time to time we do ask our members to take part in other types of market research including telephone interviews, focus groups, online bulletin boards or video diary's. These tasks may take longer than our standard surveys but you will of course receive higher rewards.
5How will I know a survey is available?
When an online survey becomes available you will be sent an invitation via email. This email will inform you how long it will take and how much you will be paid upon completion. You can also login to your account at any time to take available surveys.
6Can I refuse an invitation?
Yes, your participation in each online survey is voluntary. Although the more surveys you complete, the more money you will earn.

Rewards and Payments

1What will I earn for each survey I complete?
The amount you will earn depends on the length and complexity of the questionnaire. The amount you will get ranges from $0.40 to a maximum of $10 each. The cash reward you will get is clearly stated in your invitation emails or via your online account.
2Will I earn a reward for every completed survey?
Yes, as long as you complete the survey in its entirety you will be paid.
3How will I be paid?
Once you have accumulated $12.50 in your account you can make a claim for an instant Paypal payment. Alternatively you can wait until you have $15 and request an e-gift card.
4How long will it take to receive my money / e-gift card?
Paypal payments are sent within 2 - 4 business days. If you are requesting an Amazon e-gift card or gcodes it can take up to 4 weeks.
5Do I need a Paypal account to get my cash rewards?
Yes, you need a Paypal account to be paid. If you don’t have one you can visit the Paypal website and sign up for an account which is free, quick and easy to do.
6Will I be charged for using Paypal?
Paypal will charge you a 2% handling fee for transferring money to your Paypal account. This money goes directly to Paypal and we have no control over it.
7Can I be paid via check?
No, we use Paypal as it keeps our administration costs lower so we can pay higher rewards to our members. If for any reason you cannot get a Paypal account the other option is to be paid with an gift card.

Privacy and Terms

1Is my personal information safe?
Yes, CFS Panel USA is committed to protecting the privacy and personal information of our members. We will not pass your personal details onto any third parties for marketing purposes. CFS Panel follows all current personal privacy legislation. For more details please refer to our privacy policy. Any information you provide on the panel will only be shared with clients in an anonymous aggregate form combined with thousands of other members. This information will not contain or link to any information that personally identifies you.
2Can I cancel my membership?
We would prefer you stay with us even if you decide you don’t want to take many surveys each month. However if you do decide you want to leave then you are free to cancel your membership at any time. You can cancel your account by logging in and selecting the ‘cancel account’ link within your profile. Please note that if you do cancel your membership then we will not pay you any earnings you have accumulated.

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